Generator 29

Queen* of My Castle

Friday 11 December 2020
Book Launch by Cassie Thornton

Saturdag 19 & 20 December 2020
Vibeke Mascini, Infra
Installation at De Fabriek Eindhoven

A research project initiated by Alessandra Saviotti in collaboration with Cassie Thornton, Maria Pecchioli, Vibeke Mascini and De

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Video Buddism

Video Buddism

Join us for one weekend of video madness! More than thirty Design Academy students show their explorations with the medium of video in the exhibition Video Buddhism. In deconstructing the medium and questioning it’s key elements (sound, image, movement), they have been exploring new forms to use video as a tool to communicate their stories.


Video Buddism

Generator 18

The exhibition captures a moment in between and functions as a space to collectively think about the politics of identity, the sense of belonging, and the question how technology mediates our perception.